Playoff win draws more attention than federal election at sports bar

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Even though some chants of “Go Harper!” could be heard among the crowd, supporters gathered at Schanks Sports Grill in southwest Calgary were not there to discuss politics. Instead, fans of all political stripes gathered to cheer on the Toronto Blue Jays in game three of the American League Championship Series. The Jays won 11-8 over the Kansas City Royals.

“I’d rather watch the Blue Jays,” said Dianne Bamford, echoing sentiment among many fans at the popular sports bar. “I don’t care about what happens,” she added in reference to the federal election results.

Despite being one of the tightest political races in recent memory, many fans seemed unconcerned with the election updates that would periodically flash over the big screen.

“It’s a little weird,” said Taylor Owad of the Jays game’s taking place on the same night as a federal election.

When asked if he’d already voted, Owad admitted he “actually didn’t because of [the Blue Jays game].”

Blue JaysThey support different political parties, but Natasha Courtney (left), Stasia Bowbank, Melanie Morrison, Dianne Bamford and Caleb Martin (right) all cheered on the Blue Jays tonight. Photo by Jordan Dahl. “I’m sure not everyone voted, but I wouldn’t say [the Jays game] is more important,” added Owad.

However, as the night grew on and the Jays’ lead increased over the Kansas City Royals, it was obvious the election results mattered less than a Blue Jays’ victory.  

Shortly after CityNews announced a projected Liberal majority and a Conservative opposition, barely a sound could be heard in an otherwise raucous atmosphere.

The announcement, barely acknowledged, was quickly forgotten as the Blue Jays gained one more out en route to their victory, living to play another day.

The editor responsible for this story is Madison Farkas 

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