Independent candidate loses in Calgary Centre, but says he isn’t down for the count

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Although it might look like he lost by a landslide, Yogi Henderson, an independent in Calgary Centre, says he’s  looking long past this election.

According to Henderson, he has been going non-stop during the election, trying to do the same amount of campaigning on his $1,000 budget that the other candidates were doing on a $220,000 budget.

“Got blisters on my feet,” Henderson said. “I’m in pain. I was up for the last 48 hours just getting out 4,500 brochures and I finished at 11 o’clock this morning. I literally haven’t slept for two days.”

Henderson also touched on Senate corruption as the biggest issue for Canada. Besides Mike Duffy, he said there are many more senators in trouble. Because all the senators have been appointed by either the Conservatives or the Liberals, neither party will solve the problem, Henderson said.

“That’s why you need an independent, because the others aren’t going to try and fix it,” he said. “They are part of the problem.”

Yogie-Henderson-photo bodyAlthough the Calgary Centre candidate was defeated, Yogi Henderson says he’s still ready to bring change to Ottawa in the future. Photo courtesy of Yogi HendersonHenderson was pledging to free up half a million dollars that would have gone to the Senate, and instead give it to the arts community.

Although he didn’t win Oct. 19, he says he isn’t giving up. 

“People who try to think big, you can’t stop them, especially if they have the skill set to achieve it.

“For me this is one step in a bigger process running for election. I’m not done,” he said, adding when the next election is called, he’ll be stronger, better financed, but still equipped with the same message for real change.

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