After a tight race Oct. 19th, Liberal candidate Kent Hehr comes out on top

Jaquish Kent Hehr Finally arrives

The riding of Calgary Centre was hotly contested as election night progressed. Incumbent Conservative Joan Crockatt led the polls for a large portion of the event, closely followed by Liberal candidate Kent Hehr.

With 44% of the polls reporting, only 750 votes separated the two. These close figures lasted for the duration of the night. At one point, with 58% of the polls reporting, a 125-vote lead for Hehr pushed him to the top spot.

The two candidates flip flopped as the last of the results came in, but Hehr finally took back the lead, finishing the night with the win for Calgary Centre.

During his victory speech, Hehr stated that the Liberal party “had a very successful campaign.”

“Justin Trudeau was amazing. Our platform policy resonated with the citizens of Calgary Centre and in my view this country will be better served with a Liberal government,” Hehr told his supporters. “I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

People crowded around the newly appointed MP, shaking his hand and hugging him and congratulating him on his victory.

Omar Wide Angle Kent Hehr speechKent Hehr addresses his supporters and patrons of the Bank and Baron after his riding victory. Photo by Omar Omar.

Conservative supporter Josh Bortolotti said Hehr gave an excellent campaign, but he is glad to see the Conservative voice hasn’t been silenced in Calgary.

“Crockatt has been an outstanding representative,” said Bortolotti. “I worked on her campaign for a bit. I’ve had frequent encounters with her and I can say that she’s one of the most dedicated women I’ve ever met.”

However, Thana Boonlert, Calgary Centre’s Green Party candidate, felt that the results didn’t properly reflect every candidate’s recognition.

“With strategic voting, people are really trying to get the Cnservatives out,” Boonlert said. “Unfortunately, strategic voting really took a tol on myself and my riding. But overall still really well received, and people have really been pushing me to keep running the next time around.”

Across town, patrons of the Bank and Baron on Stephen Avenue celebrated hearing of Harper’s resignation shortly after the announcement of the Liberal Party’s majority win.

“We worked really hard,” said Conor Mahoney, a volunteer for Hehr’s campaign team. “We ran a really strong campaign.” | | jlukey@cjournal,ca  | | 

Thumbnail photo by Mackenzie Jaquish.

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