Holiday gathers people from diverse cultures and countries

Day of the Dead

Every year as winter approaches, Casa Mexico commemorates the Day of the Dead, a celebration that honours loved ones who have died.

Members of Mount Royal University’s Mexican cultural club host this colourful and musical event, an opportunity to share their heritage with people from other countries. It includes food, flowers, Mexican music, dancing and special drinks.

Enrique Vergara is part of the team that organized the event. He is proud to be able to bring his culture to Canada and celebrate death with joy.

Produced by: Eliana Torregroza

“Our idea is to show cultural expressions from our countries, and especially one of our most intimate traditions like the Day of the Dead,” Vergara said. “I am definitely honoured to belong to Casa Mexico.”

Day of the DeadCandles and food adorn these colourful altars at Casa Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration on Nov. 2. Photo by Eliana Torregroza.

Paola Medina is a Mexican exchange student who thinks this is her country’s most beautiful celebration.

“I feel that this is something that just Mexico has, and it is an opportunity to honour the people that you love and are not now with you,” said Medina, who joined in the festivities on Nov. 2.

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