A look into Calgary’s alternative queer film community over the years


You’re sitting inside of the Imax theatre with the big screen towering above your head and a romance film playing before you. You notice a complete lack of diversity, the characters being mostly heterosexual, monogamous and cis-gendered. This timeline takes a look at queer film in Calgary from the early 80’s until now.

Calgary has come a long way but the road to equality was not always an easy one. James Demers, the executive director and programmer of The Fairy Tales Presentation Society and Kevin Allen, the research lead for the Calgary Gay History Project provide their insight into the world of queer film in an era where being queer was not only rejected but prohibited.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Ryan Baxter / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons generic attribution 2.0


The editor responsible for this article is Jodi Brak, jbrak@cjournal.ca 

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