Despite one successful unity, the unite the right movement in Alberta has faced many obstacles.

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The right-wing in Alberta has been plagued by divisions and mistrust among little-c conservatives. Despite one successful merger between the Alberta Alliance and the Wildrose Party, there seems to be no indication that the fault lines will be bridged any time soon. Indeed, the ill-conceived attempt to unite the right in 2014, driven by Danielle Smith and Jim Prentice, only seemed to widen that gap.

Wildrose leader Brian Jean has repeatedly stated that he hopes to unite the right and bring little-c conservative together but he has faced constant opposition from the Progressive Conservatives, lead by interim leader Ric McIver. Because of these divisions, there are fears that vote splitting among the right will play a part in the 2019 election and may allow for another party to claim victory – a proposition that neither group wants to face.

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