Scarboro United Church and Calgary’s hip-hop community come together to support victims of wildfires


Calgary’s hip-hop community and the Scarboro United Church are using the power of music and art to bring people together in support of those affected by the Fort McMurray wildfires.

On May 27, the Scarboro United Church will be hosting the 403 Hip-Hop Fundraiser for Fort Mac. This all-ages event hopes to bring together anyone interested in local hip-hop music who also want to help with fire relief efforts.

Entry is by cash donation, and all proceeds will directly support recovery efforts through the United Church.

Local hip-hop collective Roman66 is the driving force behind the fundraiser, Zoe Slusar, videographer for Roman66, spearheaded organization of the event. While preferring to be referred to by their collective name, member Louis Cza said in an email to The Calgary Journal:

“We got the idea to have the show at Scarborough because the church is raising donations for on-the-ground relief efforts in Fort McMurray already. We like the idea of the funds going directly to support Fort McMurray through the United Church and bypassing the Red Cross.

HipHop2The 403 Hip-Hop for Fort Mac fundraiser is among many charity events hosted by various members of Calgary’s music community over the past weeks. In partnership with the Scarborough United Church, the local hip-hop community hopes to bring Calgarians together on May 27 to directly support recovery efforts. The all-ages event starts at 7:30 p.m. Photo courtesy of Roman66“Calgary has responded very positively,” Cza said in his email. “We reached out to other artists to collaborate on the entertainment and everyone we approached said ‘yes.’”

Performers include artists from the Haven YYC community, local hip-hop collective Roman66, self-described low-fi party DJ DOSR1 and Jamal Hamadeh, host of CJSW’s Freshly Squeezed program. There will also be a performance by Mount Royal University’s student run hip-hop dance crew Urban Moves.

Roman66, the collective of artists that includes Louis Cza the Black Greek God, Silver Coop, Adam Massiah, The Don, DT$P and DOSR1, is excited to share the stage with others in the local hip hop scene willing to pitch in for a good cause.

The group said in an email to The Calgary Journal, “We wanted to do something to support Fort McMurray and give back to the community, because hip hop is all about community and creating a supportive environment.”

In addition to performances by some of Calgary’s brightest young hip-hop acts, the event will feature a paint-wall for artists eager to express their creativity and share messages of support for Fort McMurray residents affected by the wildfires. Photographs of artistic creations on the wall will be shared over social media in a show of solidarity for those hit hardest by the fires.

Throughout the aftermath of the wildfires in and around Fort McMurray, Calgary’s music community has really stepped up to the plate to show its support for those affected. Throughout the month of May, various fundraisers have been organized by members of the music community eager to help their fellow Albertans.

“Art and music in general bring people together, in good times and bad. It’s a very powerful tool. To get to perform, bring artists together, and raise money for an important cause is a beautiful instance and gift,” said Roman66.

The all-ages event will be held May 27 at the Scarboro United Church, 134 Scarboro Ave SW, with doors opening at 7:30 p.m.

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