What does it take to survive 8 seconds on top of a bull? 


Dust fills our nostrils as we wander into the arena, the MC warming up his lungs as he booms loudly over the PA system. Small clouds of dirt explode with each step as we make our way towards the Bull pens.

Bull Riders of all ages slowly trickle in. Soon the smell of cigarettes and sweat fills the air in the small shed that the riders begin to prepare in.

For now it is quiet, but soon the Agrim Centre in Rimbey, Alberta will be filled with eager spectators cheering on one of the most dangerous sports in the world- Bull riding.

The Hell on Hooves Rodeo is one of over a hundred competitions these men will face this season. Professional Bull Rider and President of Bull Riders Canada, Russell Friend, and up and coming Bull Riding Champion, Beau Brooks shared their love and passion for Bull Riding, and what it’s like to ride the beasts.

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