With many local markets featuring handmade goods to choose from, the popular online-shopping website Etsy Made in Canada stands out from the crowd.

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By representing the local community, Etsy online vendors turned the Calgary Genesis Centre Gymnasium into a marketplace and shared their crafts with the on-ground shoppers on Sept. 24.

The market brings together vendors from Calgary and surrounding areas to share their handmade work with online customers and with those who may not yet have seen what they have to offer.

Chantal Miyagishima, owner of the brand Knitatude, says there is no better place for beginners to launch their brand than Etsy’s online web platform and that the market only elevates the client experience.

Video produced by Sarah Allen

Etsy Made in Canada was my first show that I ever did and all of a sudden it was like, ‘Oh my god! People like my stuff!’, and I sold out at my first market,” says Miyagishima.

Kara Bussey, founder and crafter of Glimpse Glass, couldn’t agree more.

“When people come to Etsy Made in Canada they know what they are coming for and they have often seen us online. They know our products and the type of products they will come and see,” says Bussey.

body copyPeople walk up and down aisles of vendors to see what the artisans of Calgary have to offer. Photo by Sarah AllenWith so many different and unique products for sale, the Etsy Made in Canada event sold out of tickets for their sneak-a-peek night when customers can shop stress-free and get first dibs on goods.

Sarah Allen, a videographer with the Calgary Journal, was at the event and has an inside look at what happens when Etsy comes to Calgary.


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