A new phrase used by millennials is taking over social media.

The word ‘adulting’ has been used by Mount Royal University (MRU) students to describe the tricky transition between being a teen – and entering adulthood. However, there’s more truth behind the hashtag than humour.

The trendy phrase has appeared on memes all over social media and is a common expression among students at MRU. Produced by Courtney Ingram and Natalie Valleau

“As time goes on people are being less prepared to move out on their own, parents don’t give their kids enough responsibilities so they don’t learn as fast,” said Dayton Francois, business student at MRU. 

Kids generally learn life skills from their parents, but according to a 2013 study by Pittsburg State University, home economic classes have dropped 38 per cent over the past twenty years. Because there are so few home economic classes like cooking and sewing, teens aren’t learning skills to make the transition to adulthood easier.

Brendan Stasiewich, journalism student at MRU, said he probably could have benefitted from those classes.

“Some nights you end up eating two boxes of Kraft dinner in bed – that’s like adulting right?”

Other MRU students said they’re tired of being expected to know life skills that they haven’t been fully taught.

If you’re in the same boat and have no clue what you’re doing 98 per cent of the time, rather than setting your house on fire or neglecting filing your taxes, watch this how-to video on adulting.

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