Beer is what Village Brewery knows. 

But for the five-year-old microbrewery started in Calgary by five guys, they strive to remain true to the community and give back while they begin expanding their brand into other parts of Alberta.

Jackson Stuart, marketing coordinator at Village, said, “that again kind of ties back into the community, so it’s called Village because it sort of was this village of Calgary with the arts, music and the different facets of community that would come together to make this village.”

A look inside Village Brewery’s brewing process. Produced by Whitney Cullingham and Izaiah Reyes.

As a small brewery, everything is hands-on, something the brewmasters love. They all share a passion for craft beer and want their jobs to be more fulfilling than simply “pushing buttons,” like it would be at a more large-scale, international brewery.

At Village Brewery, the workers develop five different kinds of beer year-round, including a winter seasonal beer as well as a summer seasonal beer. Specifically, beers carried by Village include Blonde, Wit, Blacksmith, Maiden, Squeeze (a lemon raspberry ale) – their current seasonal brew is an amber ale.

The Calgary Journal went to Village Brewery for a step-by-step process of how the company manually brews and packages their beer until they are sent off for delivery throughout Alberta.

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