Moving beyond your grandma’s sweater. Produced by Sarah Allen.

Nobody knows more about keeping knitting modern than the owner and crafter of the brand Knitatude in Calgary, Chantal Miyagishima.

Although Miyagishima only began knitting five years ago, she has built quite the following on Instagram and has a blog where she’s recently been writing a great deal about how to brand yourself and develop a presence on social media.

Miyagishima has sold many of her pieces through the online platform Etsy and at craft markets. Recently she’s gotten into the practice of pattern making.

knittingMiyagishima shows some of her pieces that she has created for herself over the years. Photo by Sarah Allen.

Miyagishima is also the president of YYC Girl Gang, a group which serves to connect local businesses owned by women.

Interested in learning how to knit or simply discovering some new stitches? There are multiple places you can go to start out.

“Because knitting is becoming a way bigger community there are different yarn stores out there that are teaching classes. It used to be something where you would have to have your grandmother teach you,” says Miyagishima.

There are yarn stores in Calgary such as Stash Needle Art Lounge where Miyagishima and other instructors can show you the ropes.

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