Imagine. It’s Friday night, you’re putting on your best outfit and getting ready for the night of your life.

You walk into the hottest spot in Calgary, check in at the front, and walk into a room full of energy, opportunity, self improvement and spin bikes. No, you are not at Calgary’s hottest club but you are immersed in the same music and energy. You are at one of the many nightlife fitness studios in Calgary: YYC Cycle.

This spin studio has created the opportunity for working out to be fun since 2013. YYC Cycle has been the platform for the community, or as they call it, the Bikergang, to escape from their everyday lives, grow to be better versions of themselves, and sweat it out on the bike.

Every 50-minute class allows the Bikergang to experience so much more than just a workout. That spin bike is merely an accessory to what happens in that 50-minute class. Andrew Obrecht, co-owner and motivator at YYC Cycle, says, “the bike became a platform for positivity, passion, community and authenticity and everything that’s in our mantra.”

Because of studios like these, working out doesn’t have to be so conventional and there are many opportunities to change the way you work out in Calgary.

Calgary has a variety of fitness studios with this atmosphere including UNDRCARD Boxing Studio, RUMBLE Boxing Studio and YYC Cycle.

YYCCYCLECYCLEYYC Cycle is changing the game for exercise in Calgary with fun, lively spin classes. Photo by Maria Dardano.

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