On March 10, 2017, Mount Royal University students gathered for a very special dodgeball tournament for the One Ball club and charity. The event was held to raise money and awareness about testicular cancer.

Testicular cancer is common in young male adults, but is not acknowledged as much as it should be. One Ball charity wants to raise awareness to increase early diagnosis.

 Dodgeball Tournament

The organizers of the dodgeball tournament are hoping word gets around for future fundraisers to help spread awareness for testicular cancer. Produced by Whitney Cullingham and Mackenzie Jaquish

“I don’t think the MRU community nor the U of C community really talked about testicular cancer, so it’s definitely a good opportunity to get people involved and definitely a good opportunity to start a little bit of awareness,” says Igor Stukalin, Vice President of One Ball.

Testicular Cancer

Click the graphic for more information about One Ball. Graphic courtesy of Nathan Woolridge

This was One Ball’s first event, being new to MRU, so their main focus was raising awareness to testicular cancer and getting their name out there so they’ll be more recognizable for future events — furthering the charity’s success.

“The biggest outcome is just kind getting our foot on the ground and building that original community so that when we put posters up for the next tournament people recognize that and can start chatting about it … and that will just help promote the early diagnosis and kinda strike down the stigma that the clubs aiming for,” Kevin Waiand, One Ball MRU President.

All the money raised from the dodgeball games and other future sporting events will go to the charity to help fight testicular cancer.



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