This year’s Calgary Stampede includes a plethora of new carnival foods, some of which look appetizing while others are just downright horrifying.

Some new foods that hit the Stampede this year included rabbit pizza, the world’s hottest pizza, deep-fried coffee, deep-fried chicken’s feet and more.

Reporters for the Calgary Journal decided to take part in what has become a Stampede tradition — try all of the crazy and interesting food choices available on the midway.

We decided to try some of the new foods that we felt were different, but would probably taste great — and we weren’t wrong.

We produced a video to show you some of our top choices for food at the Stampede. As you can see, the food is great and we had a blast shooting — and eating — at Stampede Park.

What foods would you dare to try?

Hang out with Nathan as he checks out some of Stampede’s food choices for 2017! Produced by Rosemary De Souza and Nathan Woolridge,

Editor: Ian Tennant | 

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