It was calm and quiet at the Marda Loop community hall on Saturday, July 15. A long line of people awaited the classic Stampede tradition of a pancake breakfast. Most attendees were unaware of who would be joining them.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived a little after 9 a.m. to the Marda Loop Stampede breakfast. A squadron of black vehicles pulled up and Trudeau hopped out, greeting Calgary Liberal MP and Veterans Affairs Kent Hehr before chatting with people standing in line.

 A few weeks ago Trudeau had announced that he would not be attending the Stampede because of scheduling conflicts. Many people suggested his initial absence was due to the prime minister’s mistake on Canada Day, when during a speech listing every province — he failed to mention Alberta. Trudeau quickly apologized but by then social media had already reacted.

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Trudeau met with mayor Nenshi before making his Stampede rounds Saturday morning. Photo courtesy of Justin Trudeau

Yet, Trudeau showed up with his security detail — all donned in plaid and cowboy hats. 

People began to crowd Trudeau as he walked down the line, shaking hands, holding babies and of course, snapping the famous ‘Trudeau selfies’.

The appearance at the Marda Loop Stampede breakfast was not his first pancake rodeo. Trudeau has attended the Stampede numerous times in his life and throughout his political career.

Earlier on Saturday Trudeau visited with Mayor Naheed Nenshi, who had defended Trudeau after the mistake of forgetting Alberta in his Canada Day speech.

Social Media Rections

People on social media both criticized and praised Trudeau for coming to Calgary.

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IMG 1162

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