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You have a friend coming to Calgary who has never visited the city before. What restaurant would you take them to and why?

Boss Madimba: Red Lobster because they have a variety of dishes for everyone.

Cesar Augusto Saavedra: I would invite them to the last place I went. Fiebre Latina in Forest Lawn. It is like being in a very quaint latin living room, with Spanish programming on TV and all, and the food is delicious as well.

Cheryl Link: River Cafe. Beautiful river park setting and lovely atmosphere and fabulous food that reflects Alberta.

Gian-Carlo Carra: Totally depends – on the friend, the time of year/day, the timing allowed for our outing, etc. I’m super-proud of Calgary’s amazing food culture and especially of the role that Ward 9 restaurants play in anchoring that culture – this will be amplified many times over when International Avenue joins Ward 9 on October 16.

Omar M’keyo: Depends, I have several places I can take her/him, one of those places us Karibu Grill and Lounge. The food is good.

Trevor Buckler: Silver Inn on centre street. Local restaurant great food and service, have been going since I was a child.

You are inviting several friends to join you for dinner. Two live on the outskirts of the city and their car is out of service. They must travel 20 km to reach the restaurant and they’ve asked you for advice about the best way to get there. What would you recommend and why?

Boss Madimba: I would advise then to take transit which is safer and less expensive means of transportation and will give them a ride home.

Cesar Augusto Saavedra: I would tell them to hope on their bikes and seek the nearest LRT train. They would not only get a good workout, but would have an excellent appetite.

Cheryl Link: I’d go and pick them up!

Gian-Carlo Carra: I may drive out to get them myself, organize a pick-up for them by whoever else may be joining us, encourage them to take transit and offer to take them home after – it totally depends.

Omar M’keyo: Public transportation is available, depending where they are they also catch a cab. The final solution will be I have to go pick them up.

Trevor Buckler: Uber. I have had great experience with them and you know the cost and time line immediately.

You arrive at the restaurant, and first course arrives. You notice one of your friends is double-dipping in the shared appetizer. How do you react?

Boss Madimba: My friend is probably more angry than me I would just enjoy the moment.

Cesar Augusto Saavedra: I would tell them that they would not like me to go George Costanza on them ?

Cheryl Link: Life is short, they’re your friends!  Chill out!

Gian-Carlo Carra: It totally depends. If they’re close friends, we’d probably all be double dipping together! If it’s cold and flu-season, we might get separate dips.

Omar M’keyo: Maybe the appetizer is good, I will probably order more.

Trevor Buckler: Make a joke about it. They’ll stop.

The main course has arrived and the conversation has turned to politics, specifically secondary suites. Your good friend tells the table he has been fighting to convert his basement to a secondary suite but has been caught up in red tape at city hall. He then confesses he’s renting it out despite it being illegal. Will you report it? Why or why not?

Boss Madimba: I will have advised my friend to stop it right the way, because people health and safety can be jeopardizing. I will tell my friend to reach out to the media if he needed help.

Cesar Augusto Saavedra: I would bring the general issue to my councillor or council, and would suggest for my friend to seek the completion of the suite application, before renting out the place to someone else or extending the existing lease. Because it is better to have things in order as flawed as the process is, then to have keep renting a potential unsafe environment.

Cheryl Link: What an awful question!  It doesn’t deserve a response.

Gian-Carlo Carra: I would already be working with any friend or neighbour or anyone I know and/or represent on ensuring the quick and orderly movement of their file through the regulatory process to ensure the delivery of a safe and legal suite.

Omar M’keyo: I will reason with him and convince him or her to stop abusing the system.

Trevor Buckley: No. I’m going to tell them what they’re doing is wrong. I believe always confront before reporting.  

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