The Calgary Journal serves up a dinner-themed survey where our city council hopefuls give us their politics with a side of sass. They’re primped and primmed — or are they? Have they chosen an upscale French bistro or are they kicking back at their favourite burger joint? What do they do when they learn their friend is double-dipping? And do they report their friend who confesses to renting an illegal suite? More than 60 hopefuls responded to our survey, which was co-produced with the Calgary Herald and the Calgary Sun.

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Councillor candidates for Ward 1

 Chris Blatch; did not respond Coral Bliss Taylor
 Cole Christensen Cam Khan
 Ward Sutherland 

Councillor candidates for Ward 2

 George Gourgeou; did not respond Joe Magliocca
 Christopher Maitland Jennifer Wyness

Councillor candidates for Ward 3

 Jyoti Gondek Connie Hamilton
 Jun Lin Ian McAnerin

 Councillor candidates for Ward 4

 Blair Berdusco Sean Chu
 Srinivas Ganti Greg Miller

Councillor candidates for Ward 5

 Sarbdeep Baidwan; did not respond George Chahal
 Tudor Dinca Hirde Jassal
 Balraj (Raj) Nijjar; did not respond Aryan Sadat

Councillor candidates for Ward 6

 Jeff Brownridge; did not respond Alex Columbos
 Jeff Davinson Sanjeev Kad
 Grace Nelson; did not respond Esmahan Razavi
 Steve Turner Sean Yost

 Councillor candidates for Ward 7

 Margot Aftergood Brent Alexander
 Dean Brawn Druh Farrell
 Marek Hejduk 

Councillor candidates for Ward 8

 Karla Charest Chris Davis
 Carter Thomson Evan Woolley

Councillor candidates for Ward 9

 Trevor Buckler Gian-Carlo Carra
 Cheryl Link Boss Madimba
 David Metcalfe; did not respond Omar M’keyo
 Cesar Saadvedra 

 Councillor candidates for Ward 10

 Najeeb Butt Numan Elhussein; did not respond
 Gar Gar Faith Greaves
 Ray Jones Salimah Kassam
 Issa Mosa Hermann Muller
 Kamilla Prasad; did not respond Michelle Robinson
 David Winkler 

Councillor candidates for Ward 11

 Robert Dickinson Janet Eremenko
 Jeromy Farkas Linda Johnson
 Keith Simmons 

Councillor candidates for Ward 12

 Brad Cunningham Teresa Hargreaves; did not respond
 Shane Keating Mackenzie Quigley; did not respond

Councillor candidates for Ward 13

 Kay Adeniyi; did not respondAdam Boechler
 Sherrisa Celis; did not respond Diane Colley-Urquhart
 Mark Dyrholm Adam Frisch
 Art Johnston; did not respond 

Councillor candidates for Ward 14 

 Peter Demong; did not respond Kelash Kumar; did not respond

Survey produced and edited by Amber McLinden, Emma Stevens, Brian Cortez, Aiesha Hinds, Ken Van De Walle, Shaunda Lamont, Arianna Korbett, Mirandah Shereni, Mariam Taiwo, Robyn Welsh, Halen  Kooper,  Andi Endruhn,  Ellen Gale and Thomas Bogda. 

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