With the mountains as a backdrop, the Banff Farmer’s Market runs from June to October and starting this year, it’s incorporating craft beer and a seating area with live local music for attendees to enjoy.

Now that beer and spirits are allowed to be served at farmer’s markets across Alberta, one brewing company in Banff is excited to get their product into the market community.

Kent Paterson, with the Banff Avenue Brewing Company, was happy to serve beer samples at the Banff Farmers Market on September 27.

“Craft beer is really taking off. You look at the mountains, we’ve got the best water in the world for making beer, so it’s great,” said Paterson, “We were the first craft brewery in Alberta to be in a farmers market.”

Local vendors help customers find what they need as everyone enjoys the sun and fresh mountain air at the Banff Farmers Market on September 27. Photo by Chelsey Mutter

Rene Leben, the creator of the Banff Farmers Market, says his market is unique for its authenticity and atmosphere. Leben says he wants market goers to know they’re purchasing items that are genuinely from Banff, not created elsewhere and then sold in Banff.  

“At this market they’re buying a product that is made, produced, by a person who lives in this valley. So they can go home with something that was made right here, in Banff,” Leben said.

Vincent O’Mara works for the Souto Farms market booth. He describes the atmosphere of the Banff Farmers Market, and how it’s changed from having live music.

“Compared to previous years, people used to come in, buy and leave.” O’Mara said. “People not only just come here and buy product, but they hang around. So people will sit there in the middle of vendors and listen to local artists.”

Mary Melzer who owns Marysoapbar, a soap-making startup based out of Canmore, has had a booth at the market for two seasons now and has loved the market’s community.

“Just meeting people, from all over the world and talking with them. I love it,” Melzer said, “And all the vendors are so wonderful.”

The Banff Farmers Market creates a chill environment as live music plays and locals and tourists enjoy what Banff has to offer.

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