With the holiday season approaching families are busy decorating their homes to perfection. Many choose handmade, sentimental ornaments like the macaroni wreath you made in kindergarten, while others may prefer to buy their decorations.

According to Sheran Cowx, the self-proclaimed Mrs. Claus of Destination Christmas in Calgary, Christmas decorations have become a great way for people to show their personality and express themselves, whether it be on their tree or in the decorations they put up in their yard.

“I think whatever creativity you have … whatever that makes you feel in your heart, you need to bring that out,” Cowx said.

A great baby step into creating your own festive decor is to start with the tree topper. If you look at your grandma’s Christmas tree you probably would find an angel or star shining atop her evergreen, which is the traditional and most common topper.

Today, many people prefer to have quirky Christmas trees that are all in one theme such as snowmen, floral or even Beanie Babies.


Ektrina Shagaeva, the owner of Dream, Design and Decor, makes all types of decorations by hand and prefers to use big, sparkly ribbons to create her toppers.Ribbon tree toppers are great versatile decoration and can even be used to spice up a bland present under your tree. Photo by Huyana Cyprien.

“I noticed that it’s kind of the modern tendency … to use these tree toppers instead of the old-fashioned stars or angels,” Shagaeva said.

If you’re interested in learning how to make your own tree topper, Calgary Journal reporters Huyana Cyprien and Alannah Page caught up with Shagaeva at this year’s Mrs. Claus Market in Airdrie.

With the holiday season approaching families are busy decorating their homes to perfection, and that means some people are switching out their stars and angels for something different to adorn the tops of their trees. However you decorate your home over the holidays, don’t be afraid to change it up! Produced by Huyana Cyprien and Alannah Page.


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