It’s hard to ignore the sound of the over 20 foot tall inflatable snowman that sits at the base of Toy Mountain. Until Dec. 22 toys and cash donations are taken in support of the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.  

Trail Appliances’ south location on 11th St. S.E. hosts the main drop zone for Toy Mountain and already has an impressive stack of toys that continues to grow by the day.

For marketing director Sandee Wahl, the decision to jump onboard with the fundraiser was simple.

Toy Mountain from afar

Sandee Wahl looks over as counters tally the day’s totals for Toy Mountain. Photo by Rodolfo Neyra. “One of the things we really try and help out with is families and children. So when the opportunity came up, it was a very easy, yes, because it’s such a good fit,” says Wahl.

The fundraiser is all part of the shelter’s fight against family violence and abuse and is one of the many initiatives they have.

Toy Mountain Shelter Banner

Communications coordinator Caitlin Simpson is excited about Toy Mountain and also upcoming future projects.Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter banner beside Toy Mountain displaying the 24-hour helpline. Photo by Rodolfo Neyra.

“In the new year we’re launching a community action campaign. It’s for people with friends and family members teaching how to help someone and what to do,” says Simpson.

For now, the most important goal is to beat last year’s totals in overall toys and cash donations.

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