The newest makeup trends this winter include glossy nude lips and natural looking dewy skin as opposed to last years dark lips and bold brows. 

The Calgary Journal met with freelance makeup artist, Mylynn Lam, and a former student of One Beauty Academy, Josie Naumczyk, to discuss these new trends and why trends change.

Naumczyk says trends are always changing and tend to change based on what celebrities are doing.

“Trends come and go. I feel like they change because somebody comes out with something that’s newer and more exciting. Also, it might not be as popular as people had hoped at the beginning,” Naumczyk says.

“I also feel like they change due to beauty bloggers, like a lot of trends could start from the way that they do it and people catch on to the way that they apply their makeup, how they set it and what products they use.”

The new trend leans towards being more natural and the dewy look aims to combat the effects cold winter winds have on skin. Lam walks us through how to achieve the look using the Bite Beauty Champagne Discovery Lip Set and the Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray, both of which can be found at any local Sephora.

Lam says she went into makeup because she loved making people feel good.

“How I got into this whole thing was I actually went to school for aesthetics and then I just loved that I was able to make people feel the way that they do. So, really making people feel more beautiful, creating conversation and just like talking to them like they’re my friend,” Lam says.

For more tips and how-tos with anything makeup visit Mylynn Lam’s Instagram account @makeupbymylynn.

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