Many people look at beauty pageants and only view the perfection that is implied and presented. There is a certain expectation of the contestants to be perfect, but the pageants are more than just a contest that tests a young girl’s grace and poise; it also pushes her mental and physical health to unimaginable places. For some, it helps. For others however, it can have long term negative effects.

Recent studies have shown that pageants are harmful to the mental health of teenagers that compete in the pageants, resulting in depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Experts in mental health and women’s studies have weighed in on the topic providing evidence that there needs to be drastic changes to the culture of pageants. Along with experts, pageant contestants speak on their own experiences within the pageant world.  

Have beauty pageants positively or negatively impacted the mental health of its participants? Click here to see the full multimedia site.

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