Dark, rich, stirring and beautifully haunting; that’s one way to describe 2 Shadows, a Vancouver heavy metal band that sounds like a love-child of Rammstein, 5FDP and other metal treasures.

The band uses the tools of the heavy metal trade to send shivers and provoke thought, and will be passing through Calgary in late April on their fittingly named “Feed the Obscene” tour.

Founded in 2015, the band has seen its fair share of success,releasing an album, Transference, in 2016.

When 2 Shadows isn’t recording, it tours with its live line-up, which features guitarists James Holder and Tryst Germaine, Mike Horvath doing vocals and Sterling Paterson on drums.

Mike Horvath, 20 , says he hopes to “give everyone a memorable performance from start to finish.”

“I want people to really be captivated by our performance and to really get involved – I wanna see a lot of movement, a lot of people singing along and by the end of the show, I hope everyone has a big smile [and] is covered in sweat,” he said

Having pursued music since high school, Horvath intends to bring his passion to Calgary as well.

“I started doing vocals because it was the best way for me to get out my frustration and anxiety, I’ve always enjoyed performing, and really putting myself out there in a way that I never really could in a normal setting.”

2 Shadows will be performing in Calgary at Distortion on April 30.


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