Hidden talent can’t help but show itself, especially when a fitting stage lies before it.

That stage being none other than Calgary’s own Palace Theatre, which will host its second YYC Music Awards this coming September.

The awards, which started in 2016, bring together and help celebrate Calgary’s diverse musical talent.

And according to co-organizer Shannon Ambrose, this event makes no small effort to include as many kinds of talent as possible.

“As each year passes, we explore other opportunities for representation of Calgary’s diverse music community. The event has been on a constant growing curve since 2016 and will continue to welcome feedback from the city’s entertainment sector for ways to improve.”

This commitment to musical diversity could be seen in last year’s awards, which began to include the Classical Recording of the Year, World Music Recording of the Year and Industry Person of the Year categories, and that more representation from various facets of the musical industry can be expected with each following year, according to Ambrose.

While some new talent can definitely be expected to make an appearance, there’s no way to know who is stepping up to the plate, or which category they hope to win, until the nominations are confirmed.

But you can expect previous winners of 2017 categories to make a go at another win, such as Female Artist of the Year Amy Hef, and Dylan Roberts (A.K.A King Dylan), winner of both the Pop Recording of the Year and Music Video of the Year awards.

The standards are high for those who hope to win an award, according to Ambrose.

“An award-winning submission would be creative, polished, as well as representing skill and strength.”

Surely enough, Roberts’ stop-motion Lego animated music video for “Untouchable” won two categories, which, according to him, was the fruits of breaking new ground and a great deal of work.

King DylanDylan Roberts, A.K.A. King Dylan, two-category winner of the last year’s YYC Music Awards and a musician with a special knack for stop-motion music videos. Photo courtesy of Kenneth Locke.

“It took about 450 hours in total to complete. I had never attempted this kind of thing before so I definitely had to do my research and step up my game a little.”

Hef on the other hand won her award due to the popularity of her single “Drunk on Conversation.” She has also released a new single, titled “Again,” on March 23 as her entry for this year’s awards.

AmyAmy Hef, winner of the Female Artist of the Year award of 2017, and possible second coming of Pink. Photo courtesy of Jordan Gooden.

She encourages applicants to power through the challenges they meet on their way, much like she did, and hopes that they can inspire others through their work.

“It can sometimes get very tough and draining finding your place in the music industry.  But don’t let it stop you learn, adapt and create. Don’t stop, never stop!”

The ceremony will take place on the night of Sept. 23 at the Palace Theatre.

For more information: https://yycmusicawards.com/


Editor: Paul McAleer | pmcaleer@cjournal.ca

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