From inexperienced pot smokers to ganja gurus, the questions are flying online about all things weed.

One day after pot was legalized in Canada, the Calgary Journal dug into Google Trends to see what dope topics Albertans are hazy about.

Trending up: “Cannabis legalization Canada”

Highest on the list of search trends was all things legalization. This played out on the streets as hundreds of Calgarians lined up at stores, looking to be part of the historic day.

“I thought being a part of this experience would be pretty memorable,” said Darius, one customer lined up outside of FOUR20 Premium Market on Oct. 17, the day prohibition ended.

“It’s a historical event in our country and probably one of the most significant stories to come out of our country in a long time … just being a part of it was fairly important to me.”

Sudden spike: “Cannabis stores Calgary”

No surprise, thousands searched where to go shopping for bud, pre-rolled joints and paraphernalia.

In the end, very few retailers were ready for day one, with just two Calgary stores open — one in Willow Park, the other 1.5 km away.

“It was a lot of work to get here obviously, as you can tell,” said Jeff Mooij, president of FOUR20 Premium Market moments after the store opening.

“With 90 [stores] approved in the city and only two open, it was a challenge. Our team was up for the challenge. That’s why we’re here today.”

Two customers, Darius and Dakota, who were lined up outside of FOUR20 Premium Market on opening day, travelled from Strathmore because stores in their area weren’t prepared to open.

Calgary retailers plan to continue working towards opening even more recreational operations around the city. Beltline Cannabis Calgary and Co-op Cannabis Calgary are two more stores opening within the coming days.

Growing interest: “Cost of cannabis”

Google Trends suggests that heading into legalization day, people were wondering about the price of cannabis.

Prices seem to vary across province and territories. In Alberta, prices range from $9.24 – $15.42 per gram. You can also buy pre-rolled joints in Alberta for $6.64 each. In B.C., pre-rolled joints are going for $4.20.

Mooij, of FOUR20 Premium Market, says the store will carry a wide variety of strains, explaining there is something for everyone, from the average-joe smoker to the kush connoisseur.

Leveling out: “How to smoke weed”

Search results suggest a lot of Albertans aren’t fully up to speed with how to smoke weed. The phrase spiked earlier in the month and leveled out heading into Oct. 17.

It’s not the only thing Canadians were looking up as people searched the basic how-to’s, like how to roll a joint, best munchie foods, how to use a bong, smoking weed and being high.

Whether searching online or standing in line, not everyone appeared to be ready to roll.

“I don’t smoke weed…but I’m trying it out for the first time,” said Timothy, an exchange student from Ethiopia.

The first person in line at FOUR20 Premium Market, Rick, said he wasn’t sure if he’d partake.

“Actually, I’m not a pot smoker so I’m just going to get some stuff for a friend of mine who couldn’t make it today and I’m not even sure I’m going to actually try it or not.”

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