This morning, NDP Leader Rachel Notley announced Albertans are heading to the polls in 28 days on April 16. 

It’s hard to know where people stand but if Twitter is any indication, public discourse will be sharp and divided along partisan lines.

Alberta’s NDP currently holds 52 of 87 seats in the Legislative Assembly.

Four years after the party’s landmark win, Albertans will decide whether to return the province to its long-time conservative roots.

What are the parties saying?

Speaking from the National Music Centre in Calgary, Notley focused her messaging around building “one Alberta,” that is not divided by racism. 

She also used the opportunity to highlight the recent controversy involving the United Conservative Party leadership race, urging Kenney to tell Albertans what he knows.

In response, Kenney avoided mentioning the scandal and took the opportunity to emphasize the economic hardships Albertans have faced in recent years.

This tweet was followed by another, in which Kenney again mentions Alberta jobs.

At the time of publication, Alberta Liberal Party Leader, David Khan, has yet to say anything publicly regarding the election.

What does the public have to say?

A clear rivalry remains among citizens who are quick to voice their thoughts on Twitter.

Another Twitter user took sides with the UCP.

Others, while taking a stance, are less direct about their opinions and instead emphasize the importance of getting to “know your candidates.”


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