Twins Yuwen and Weiwen Choo have been passionate musicians since they were children, but as they plan to take their careers more seriously, they’ve taken the time to reflect on their journey.

The two started their careers on YouTube in 2008, following in the footsteps of their brother, Jian.

“I think we first saw our brother uploading videos of himself singing,” Yuwen says. “That’s what drove us to try it out.

Their content is primarily song covers, but they’ve also uploaded live streams and Q&As. They now have almost 70,000 subscribers and 6 million channel views. Over the years, they continued uploading on YouTube as Yuuwii and Weiwen.

Yuuwei and Weiwen Choo relax after finishing a song cover. PHOTO: DEAN CORDERO

But they were not content with only uploading covers. They wanted to start creating original music and found the transition easier than first expected.

“Since we started to make our covers sound more like what we want to sound like,” Weiwen says, “that has definitely helped in producing our own original music.”

In 2014, they had their name: The New Cinematic, based on their shared interest in film scores and cinematic soundtracks.

YouTube video

“We liked the theatrical epicness of how cinematic soundtracks sound,” Weiwen says.

The two say they’ll be writing and producing their original music under this name from now on. They aspire to have new songs stand on their own, relying on their talents and experience to carry this project into the future.

“We want to be known for our original music, and maybe doing covers on the side,” Weiwen says. “We don’t want to fall into the ‘cover artist’ identity.”

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