Photo Illustration by: Cassie Hearn.

Oftentimes, the global climate crisis can feel like a problem for other parts of the world, as opposed to an issue Calgarians should be concerned about. According to Abacus Data, 54 per cent of Albertans believe there’s either “conclusive” or “solid” evidence that the earth is warming. 

On this episode of the Green Podcast, I sit down with Troy Burnett, a professor at Mount Royal Royal University in the department of earth and environmental sciences.  Burnett discusses global warming, why Calgarians should take part in positive climate actions and how small impacts can make a huge difference. 

Burnett studied economics and environmental studies as an undergraduate student and holds a doctorate in geography and has been teaching for roughly 15 years.

Links discussed:

For those wanting to dive deeper into climate action and discover how they impact the planet, Burnett recommends calculating your ecological footprint using an online tool. 

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