Cassie Hearn

Hi, I’m Cassie! I’ve spent the last four years writing articles that have been featured in Where Calgary, Airdrie City View, Calgary Journal, and Rocky View Weekly. I also produced a podcast that focused on sustainability! When I’m not writing or taking photos, I can be found with a good book or outside hiking in the mountains.

Sydney Klassen-Rosewarn

Call me Syd! I’m most passionate about long-form journalism and telling stories that have the potential to change communities and policies. I strive to understand the various perspectives that shape our societies. Through the journalism and digital media program at Mount Royal University, I discovered my love for research and audio. I’m committed to continually holding space for marginalized people and amplifying their voices and experiences through storytelling. I’m a lifelong learner, adventurer and snowboarder, and you can always catch me outside whenever I’m not writing or reading.

Erica John

Hey, I’m Erica! Over the last four years, I have covered topics from mental health helplines for farmers to how safe supply could reduce opioid overdose to a musician who seeks to inspire with classical soul orchestra. I worked as the visual editor for the Calgary Journal and hope to keep capturing meaningful stories through my lens!

Anne Mayo

My name’s Anne! The past four years have been a hodgepodge of topics that have interested me from relationship violence on university campuses to the effects of climate change on Alberta’s glaciers. My goal is to bring awareness to things I feel are important through my writing, and I’ll continue doing that for as long as I can!