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Popular television shows romanticize professions in order to gain an audience's interest. However, these glamourizations can impact a person’s motive to pursue a career. Students’ career choices, especially in law, medicine and policing, have shown to be influenced by these TV shows. In a study by Fletchers Solicitors, 39 per cent of millennials stated television shows played a part in choosing their careers.

Thought-provoking, riveting and immersive — the art of filmmaking always had the ability to tell stories in such unique ways. But Erratic Pictures, a Calgary-based film production company, is taking filmmaking from screen to virtual reality.

Anna Cooley and Brandon DeWyn, the duo behind Erratic Pictures, experiment with virtual reality through their upcoming series Everyone We Know Will Be There VR.

It’s a Tuesday evening, and the newly-opened Montana’s restaurant in Airdrie is packed, with more than a 20-minute wait to be seated. The air smells of barbeque sauce and burgers. The room is stuffy with the crowds of people.

Jack of all artistic trades, Bruce Horak, has made a career for himself in both the performing arts and music. His newest endeavor is painting, focusing on portraits and dabbling in landscapes.

He tours Canada and the United States for his art shows all while being one of Canada’s only legally blind visual artists.