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The year is 1915. Royal Military College cadet William Avery (Billy) Bishop trudged through dank mud that infested his attire up to his knees as light drizzle poured from above.

Amidst the bog, Bishop managed to push himself onwards before catching a glimpse of what appeared to be an aeroplane in the distant horizon, fighting against all elements the storm had to deliver.

When photographer Heather Saitz decided to co-curate a show for the annual Exposure Photography Festival, she asked herself one question: What is Calgary’s photography community missing?

Last month, on Feb. 8, a women-led photography exhibition titled, “The Female Lens” was born.

Erica Hudson has always loved both science and music and wanted to pursue both as a career. However, both fields require a lot of time and are quite demanding, so she had to choose one or the other.

Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby’s home studio is a lot like their animation career: unassuming. Their Inglewood house looks just as cute as the rest but it hides a wealth of craftsmanship. Small pieces of artwork cover walls and hang on banisters. Rustic furniture matches the old hardwood floors. It’s very textural and very modest.