Mapping Visual Illusions is a Beakerhead workshop that teaches the art of projection mapping. It was held on Sep. 21 at Memorial Park Library.

Alberta Culture Days is a three day event that celebrates arts and culture within the province, and across the country. This year, Alberta Printmakers got involved by hosting a workshop in partnership with the City of Calgary on Sept. 27.

Alternative rock band Arkells often play stadium shows in Canada, but from Nov. 1-2, they could be found playing a mix of their original music along with Motown classics, for back-to-back nights at a small bar in Banff. 

Shaddy Elsaghir is the last to show up at the Thursday evening rehearsal for Calgary-based hard rock quartet In/Vertigo. The group is convening at a southwest Calgary home occupied by Duncan McCartney, the bassist. Before guitarist Elsaghir arrives, vocalist Reed Alton makes a grand entrance.