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Winter is starting to draw closer. Our taste palates will soon begin to start craving more warm and comforting, flavourful foods. African cuisines, such as slowly cooked meats that are well-spiced, stews made with seasonal vegetables, and vegan meals, are friendly on both your body and your budget.

On a recent Thursday evening, the lobby of Dark Table is filled with roughly 10 skittish, yet charged, customers, all with reservations for the downtown Calgary restaurant.

We’re asked to turn off and place our phones in a locker along with anything else that emits light. We form a single-file train, hands-to-shoulders, and are led by a visually impaired “guide-server” to our tables in the dining room. 

It’s a pitch-dark cavern.

A music genre from Nigeria is shaking up the global music industry. 

Afrobeats, the popular African music genre, contains a 21st century fusion of Western rap influences and contemporary Ghanaian and Nigerian pop music.

Featuring food, music and luchadores, Mexifest will take over Eau Claire Plaza from July 5 to 7. 

The three-day celebration of Mexican culture and entertainment  aims to bring a taste of the country  to Calgary. One of the festival’s events is a salsa competition for the best dipping sauces. Most people come to enjoy authentic dishes and see live events, along with a wrestling ring featuring luchadores, or professional wrestlers from Mexico.