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Josh Reaume has been a race-car driver since he was six-years-old. But he never thought he would end up competing on the NASCAR circuit.

Lesi Lambert’s career path didn’t always mean using molding chocolate and sculpting tools to design life-like cakes. Until a few years ago, it was more likely you’d find an iodine drip or retracting tool in her hand as an ophthalmologist technician.

Twenty-one-year-old Peter “Doneze” Robinson is a hit-making Nigerian-born rap artist who performs in the United States and has been listened to millions of times online.

Over half of artists as a whole in Canada are female, but only slightly more than a third of all conductors, composers and arrangers are women – a problem that seems especially apparent in classical music. Although masculine bias in classical music is as old as the industry itself,there are efforts to represent more women in this category today.