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Hidden talent can’t help but show itself, especially when a fitting stage lies before it.

That stage being none other than Calgary’s own Palace Theatre, which will host its second YYC Music Awards this coming September.

In the opinion of both Shauna Thompson, curator at Calgary’s Esker Foundation, and long-time volunteer Suzanne Presinal, there is one exhibition in the history of the gallery that stands out: Wafaa Bilal’s 168:01.

“It was an interactive exhibition where the artist was interested in creating a project that would also have a bit of a social purpose,” Thompson says.

Spencer Cheyne didn’t expect to reach the number one spot on iTunes, having come as close as number two and three in the past, but he was ecstatic when he finally reached the top spot, after his work with a local country duo, Leaving Thomas.

The art of DJing goes back more than half a century: from the early days of hip-hop to modern scratch, the art of creating and mixing music has a long and rich history.