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Climbing safety can help prevent muscle strains

climbingthumbThe rock, the dirt, the feel of the wind against his skin; a climber in the Rockies pushes upwards. Each muscle strains and pulls with every move. Non-climbers might assume one wrong move translates into serious injury, even death.

But in a climber's world, injuries seem to be negligible in comparison to the picture non-climbers paint about the sport. However, from rock climbing to ice climbing, safety should always be taken into consideration.

Art1Interaction space showcases local talent

A once empty space on the streets of Kensington is displaying artwork from a variety Calgarians and bringing the art community together.

DSC 0115Young company debuts first original work

Full Circle Theatre will be debuting its first original play this week at Dancers' Studio West. "What Pushes Are We Wenches Driven To?" will be a mixture of movement pieces, monologues, scenes and accompanying music. The show features the story of two girls, Sarah and Jess, who face trials in their youth that greatly affect their futures.

 B177344 copyThe New Gallery highlights work of two Albertan artists in thought-provoking show

Clinical terms such as "bonding," "molecule" and "reactive properties" imply imagery of laboratories and science.