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10-Rosebud-Opera-House-AugustRosebud theatre attracts more than 40,000 patrons annually

The drive to Rosebud, Alta, has been likened to a pilgrimage.

Arts group offers artsy play date to families with youngsters

violinthumbA busy mix of toddlers begin to make their way up to the stage. Some are crawling, others are running.

Artists Truus Verkley and Natasha Mandrusiak have just performed a 15 minute dance and violin piece. They are now in charge of leading an interactive playdate for the tots, parents and caregivers at Bach, Tots, and Tiptoes.

Tackling a worldwide challenge from a different angle

panelthumbThe developing world still has strides to go in the realm of healthcare, and professionals face difficult improvements to this day.

A new book examines technological and other challenges involved with bringing healthcare to the developing world and is the focus of a panel discussion on Oct. 28 organized by Mount Royal University's department of general education.

Experimental animation includes music videos, motion graphic pictures, films and TV

chronic printHave you ever been curious about where Calgary's experimental animation is shown publically? Well your curiosity can be satisfied by taking in GIRAF — the Giant Incandescent Resonating Animation Festival on Nov. 2.