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Artifacts include Gatling gun from 1800s and sword of Capt. James Cook from 1700s

Masses of artifacts with no immediate use all covered in a finite dust of unknown origin, yet with enough value to be preserved on shelves. There are two places that this description applies to — museums and storage containers.

ksumalpong dancefundraise 2 copyInstructor turns to silent auction and website to raise money to pay dancers

Taryn Javier looks back to a time when she once felt like quitting dance a few years ago and says, "Part of the reason I quit was because I was so tired of putting everything into it — like physical being, my emotional investment, my intellectual investment — and I'm receiving nothing in return?"

CJSW muralStation manager says donors can hear their money at work

Beginning this week, community radio station CJSW is launching several fundraising events across Calgary. Based out of the University of Calgary (U of C), CJSW is accessible across Calgary and on the Internet, making it a prominent fixture in local broadcasting.

CPO-001Pop music series is a strategic move by Calgary's orchestra

Mama mia, here we go again.

 The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) is continuing to expand its pop and rock music series, bringing audiences the sounds of Pink Floyd, ABBA and Sting this season, and recently performing music of the Beatles in September.