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 Release of first book launches local writer to  centre stage

 Growing up in the small Alberta farming community of Castor, Rosemary Griebel remembers the frustration of learning how to read "Dick and Jane" – the iconic series of books from which millions of school children learned to read.

Kids explore and discover at the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery

fish eggsScott Wilson picks up and lifts his youngest son Zack high enough to see the tiny trout eggs. Trays and trays are stacked on top of one another holding thousands of what look like vibrant Orange Skittles. Although Zack is only seven years of age, he carefully listens as the guide points out the good eggs and then the bad eggs.

"We are trying to get the boys interested in learning," says Wilson.


If it's music you want, check this out:

- Buddy Jewel, Oct. 7, The Golden Eagle Casino

- Enslaved, Oct. 8, Dickens Pub

Calgary gamers get together at sports bar to watch Major League Gaming event.

poolbarcraftA new global phenomenon began this summer. Instead of watching UFC or hockey while enjoying your weekly wings and beer, people are gathering to watch Major League Gaming (MLG) events featuring Starcraft 2, where three alien species battle for salvation.

This event is called, Barcraft.