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In only two days, 'nerds' come together and find comfort in new club

Peter White, a member of Club N3Rd discusses why he joined the club and what the definition ‘Nerd’ means to him.
Video by: Anna Majowski

Many universities have a variety of clubs that make up most of the student population. At Mount Royal University, Club N3Rd signed up 280 members in just two days.

ecolmenero singerSM Entertainment showcases their artists to arena packed with fans from all over North America

Madison Square Garden, New York, roared with screams of fans during SM Town Sunday, Oct 23, a show displaying Korea's best artists under the SM Entertainment label. The audience came from as far as Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary, as well as California, Florida, and Mexico.

10-Rosebud-Opera-House-AugustRosebud theatre attracts more than 40,000 patrons annually

The drive to Rosebud, Alta, has been likened to a pilgrimage.

Arts group offers artsy play date to families with youngsters

violinthumbA busy mix of toddlers begin to make their way up to the stage. Some are crawling, others are running.

Artists Truus Verkley and Natasha Mandrusiak have just performed a 15 minute dance and violin piece. They are now in charge of leading an interactive playdate for the tots, parents and caregivers at Bach, Tots, and Tiptoes.