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Climate Crisis

Stephen Achal loves the stars and thought he would end up working in academia or astronomy. But, after being exposed to the data behind climate change, he decided he needed to help.

Some Calgarians seem to be hostile towards climate change activists, however, Extinction Rebellion Calgary continues to hold workshops to train people to be non-violent protesters.

Laura Keeth-Rowledge suffers from eco-grief because she believes that climate change is causing an irreversible effect on our world. Knowing she wasn't alone, Keeth-Rowledge has created an Eco-Grief Support Circle in Calgary with the hope to spread awareness so others can begin to build their own communities of support.

At the age of 15, Thana Boonlert was introduced to the idea of climate change while watching the 2004 film ‘The Day After Tomorrow.’ It showed what the future of our planet may be, if we continue to live the way we did.