Rick Callbeck

Rick Callbeck was playing Pokémon Go when he spoke to the Calgary Journal at Prince’s Island Park. “I’m leaving for Madrid in July so I’m looking forward to that.” Photo by Rosemary De Souza.

Victoria Masquillier

On Books ~

Victoria Masquillier, 20, likes studying in coffee shops like Remedy. The environmental sciences student says “I love reading fantasy novels so I’m always surprised when I fall in love with a book like The Hundred-Year- Old man who climbed out the Window and Disappeared. It’s such a quirky and odd story but it really made an impression on me.” Photo by Nora Cruickshank

Alina Bertolesi

On Books~
Alina Bertolesi, 21, walks her dog Mocha in Nose Hill Park, she is an English major at the University of Calgary and said her love of books is partially why she chose her degree. “My favorite book series growing up was the Harry Potter series, but after studying some of the classics in school I’ve started loving books like Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre, the language is so different but beautiful.” Photo by Nora Cruickshank

Lachlan Schum

On Books~
Lachlan Schum, 23, on the Peace Bridge says he has two favorite books, Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs and Calvin and Hobbes. He explains Calvin and Hobbes is a favorite because It’s meaning changed as he grew older. “When I was a kid it was entertaining because it was silly but as I grew older and become more cynical, I appreciated its nuances more and more.” Photo by Nora Cruickshank

Kim Jones

On Books~
Kim Jones was found shopping through an assortment of reading socks on a snowy Sunday, March 6 at Chapters Chinook. “My favourite book is Anne of Green Gables and the reason why I recommend it is for two reasons. One, is it’s Canadian and it’s literature, and two it is entertaining for girls and for adults. There’s so many lessons to be learned from it and it actually has so many inspirational quotes for adults.” Photo by Justina Deardoff

Joseph Kaunda

On Books~
Joseph Kaunda had a hard time narrowing down his favourite book but explains why he loves his two favourite genres. “I like a lot of history. I also love people’s biographies. I can’t narrow it down. It’s interesting just knowing what happened in the past and how it relates to us now and in the future. With biographies, I also just love [to read about] people who have shaped history.” Photo by Justina Deardoff

Alanna Driscoll

On Books~
Alanna Driscoll was searching through the Fiction & Literature section at Chinook Centre’s Chapters March 5, 2017. “My favourite book off the top of my head would be The Alchemist, by Paolo Coelho, it’s very well known. It’s just such a good read for anyone at any stage in life. It’s all about finding your path – I think everyone should read it. “ Photo by Justina Deardoff

Amanda Carbajal

On Books~
Amanda Carbajal had a hard time narrowing down her favourite books but explains that two of her favourites are ones that remain in her mind even after having read them. “One of my favourites would be And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, just because it is very well written, and it keeps you guessing the whole way until the end – until you read the conclusion and I really like that about her books. And, another one I really like is The Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill, I read it when I was much younger as a teenager and it’s something I go back to over and over again. It has a very strong but relatable female character in it. So she’s 14-year-old girl who’s in a very real situation where her father, who is the king of this land, has passed away and now she’s facing and trying to deal with the impending war that’s coming into the country. It’s got a lot of fantasy aspects as well, but she doesn’t manage to just go through it and pull together and say ‘yes! This is what we’re gonna do!” She has moments where she’s very vulnerable and frail and confused about what she’s gonna do next, but she still manages to pull it together in the end.” Photo by Justina Deardoff

Lauren Hall

On Books~
Lauren Hall was found browsing the bestsellers section at Chapters in Chinook Centre this past chilly Sunday. “Maybe Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle? I just love self-help books. Honestly, I read it a long time ago but it’s one of my favourites because it just teaches you to live in the moment.” Photo by Justina Deardoff

Graeme and Amy

On Valentine’s day~
Graeme Bryden and Amy MacDonald in Waves Coffeehouse. For Valentine’s Day last year, the couple partook in Paintnite. This year they hope to experience something new but have not decided yet.
Photo by Arianna Korbett