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Immediately after Mimi Khúc gave birth to her daughter eight years ago, she fell into severe postpartum depression. While many mothers spend the first several months after giving birth fighting to stay awake, Khúc spent that time trying to figure out how to survive.

This article is part of the multimedia feature website, The Stride Of Her Shoes, which documents the journeys of two young women, Raya and Deyana. Both are Syrian refugees actively pursuing safety and a better life. While their identities and experiences differ greatly from one another, taken together, their stories illustrate the infinite potential of a hopeful woman and the limitless stride of her shoes. To visit the full website, click here.

Back in The Day has been performing together since they were teenagers. The five-piece cover band has faced several changes internally, but have managed to keep the band together and going strong for 30-plus years.

Not everyone can remain positive in sad situations, however, pediatric primary nurse Jo Brooks does this on a daily basis while working at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.