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On Sep. 21, people all over the country took to the streets to demand action against climate change.

Hi, my name is Chelsey and I’m a passionate voter. I am also considering declining my ballot this federal election.

When Melvi Alvarado first immigrated to Canada from El Salvador in 2010, he struggled. Speaking a language and practicing a culture different from the people he was suddenly surrounded by made it difficult for Alvarado to feel at home. But this inspired him to create the community he longed to be a part of, leading to the formation of the Calgary Salvadorian Folklore Association.

The thing about death is that no one tells you how to do it. Walking amidst the memory-filled walls of my recently passed grandpa's two-storey house, I fastened neon pink sticky notes to the things I wanted to claim. With 2,200 square feet and 40 years worth of stuff to go through, it was a project for the whole family, out of towners included. When I first heard of the sticky note plan, I pictured an American Black Friday style battle, but in reality, it was a civil experience resulting in no major arguments. In a unique test of self-control, I found that rather than taking absolutely everything that could one day serve me, I was selective with my sticky note placement, choosing a gold-rimmed mid-century style mirror, along with a couple of other small things: an engraved silver serving tray, and a couple of photographs.