Creator Tessa Lerbekmo says it started as a 'passion project'

thumb FashionMagazineDesignerAs Tessa Lerbekmo ushers me into her home studio, my eyes are greeted by a space that displays dark purple walls and black contemporary worktables scattered with magazine covers and Post-it notes.

What's your Dunbar number?

thumb WebDeviceFacebookI have an inability to accept when things are over.

I imagine if I work hard enough, things would last forever – mainly friendships. Facebook encourages this false sense of permanence.

Artistic mother and daughter duo try to broaden their horizons outside of the downtown core

thumb JClark culturedkidOn a Friday afternoon, around the peak of rush hour, I sit in the basement of Art Central with my friend Tanya Gold and her five-year-old daughter Syd.

Aldona Barutowicz takes style hunting in Calgary to the next level

thumb CloseupAldSitting perched at a two-person table at deVille, located in Fashion Central, I waited for Aldona Barutowicz, street-style photographer, to arrive.