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Invaluable lessons learned from a canine companion

thumb Sunni2Every April when I was a child I would squeeze my eyelids shut, make a wish, take a deep breath and blow out my birthday candles. Every year that wish was the same: I wanted a puppy.

I constantly begged and pestered my parents for a puppy; it had topped my Christmas list for years. From dachshunds to bulldogs, the breed didn't matter, as long as it had four legs and could bark — I would have been happy.

Calgarian travels to New York to see a concert full of music she can't understand

thumb minhoshindongSeptember 9th, 2011 was one of the most stressful days of my life. It wasn't stressful because of an exam, or a date, or a doctor's appointment — it was the day the tickets for the SM Town World Tour in New York went on sale.

City's increasing diversity should help establish a new identity

thumb JClark editorial3This year celebrates the 100th anniversary of a few of Calgary's largest cultural institutions, including the Pumphouse Theatre, Theatre Junction GRAND, the Calgary Public Library and the Calgary Stampede. And to mark the occasion, what do you buy the city that has everything? Well, a designation from the government of Canada as cultural capital for 2012 was a good start.

What should support look like?

thumb Diand RuskBeing a nosy kid had its perks.

My parents always told me that if someone we knew had just announced they were separating I would be the first one to sit down beside them and interrogate them for the details, then pass along the information.