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Both leaders are agents of change and face similar challenges 

thumb nenshiandredford2Within a single year, two Alberta leaders have been elected on a wave of new ideas and new voter engagement. To be precise, it wasn't so much that the ideas were new, but that those who embraced them voted in unprecedented numbers.

Now that Calgarians have innovative leadership at the provincial and municipal level, two intriguing questions emerge: what do these leaders share, and how will they work together?

Watching Arrivals and Departures brings a human element to YYC 

thumb airportWEBThere's something inexplicably childish that seems to bubble up inside me when I see a plane take off at the airport.

 It could be that silent thought in the back of my mind that still marvels at the idea that people can fly through the air.

Or maybe it's the sight of jets speeding up the runway, then suddenly lifting their noses to the sky and leaving the ground so seamlessly. Or it could be the knowledge that going on a plane equals going on an adventure.

One Calgary Journal reporter learns to live with gluten intolerance

thumb quinoa1WEB_copyI like beer.

I mean, I really like beer – in a genuine, take the first sip and sigh with happiness kind of way. In my mind, there is nothing as satisfying as celebrating the summer months with a cold beer on a warm patio.

So, you can imagine my devastation when I was diagnosed as being gluten intolerant.

Pectus excavatum surgery was the most painful experience of my life, but the self-confidence I gained made it worth it

thumb chestwebTears rushed down my face as I looked at my newly-rebuilt chest. At first I didn't even grasp what I was looking at because it appeared so foreign to me.

Through the shock and the tears I asked, "Whose body am I in exactly?"

At age 10, I had just gone through an incredibly painful and intense surgery that most people will never experience. I knew I would never be the same again.