Why we can't seem to get it right with Occupy Calgary

thumb occupyopedAs I have watched the last two months unfold, seeing the controversy surrounding Occupy Calgary develop from the first meetings to the ongoing injunction drama, it seems the last thing this city and its media is prepared to do is face the occupiers on their own terms.

This protest has been, first and foremost, about a conversation.

Young couple proves age doesn't matter when it comes to love

thumb wedding1The bitter cold of a February day bit at my legs as I waited to see her. I shivered, and whether it was from the cold or out of anticipation I will never know. Hushed voices brought my eyes to the stairs where my sister, Morgan, stood glowing.

An offer to view homelessness turns into an intimate tour of Calgary streets

thumb GaryThe evening should have unfolded predictably. Two journalism students would follow an ex-homeless man named Gary as he "toured" Calgarians around the places he used to eat, sleep and drink.

The result would be a minute-long video clip to serve as a heart-warming reminder that there is hope for ending homelessness. 

Calgary journalist reflects on the sex beat 

thumb feet-in-bedWEBSex Sells — or so they say — and I should know as I've been pushing it for free for almost a year and a half. In addition to being a senior editor with The Calgary Journal community news organization, I am also an arts editor, journalist and sex columnist for the complimentary student paper, The Reflector, at Mount Royal University.

From the first article I have focused on topics that most people crinkle their noses at, but in doing research on these topics I often find compelling stories and facts that have made these columns not only interesting but often pretty entertaining.