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Pectus excavatum surgery was the most painful experience of my life, but the self-confidence I gained made it worth it

thumb chestwebTears rushed down my face as I looked at my newly-rebuilt chest. At first I didn't even grasp what I was looking at because it appeared so foreign to me.

Through the shock and the tears I asked, "Whose body am I in exactly?"

At age 10, I had just gone through an incredibly painful and intense surgery that most people will never experience. I knew I would never be the same again.

My switch to electronic cigarettes

thumb e-cigWEBNon-smokers used to ask me if my fingertips were burned.

"Nope," I'd say, "they're nicotine stains."

Enter the annoying lectures from them that smoking would kill me one day. Not this again, I thought to myself. 

Friendship is at the heart of this yearly tradition

thumb CDLcupWEBTwelve friends are spread out all over the globe, but all come together once a year to draft a fantasy hockey team and poke fun at each other – friendship at its finest.

Hong Kong, New York, Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary – these are the drafting locations for the Calgary Drunk League, or CDL, a fantasy hockey league between friends where bragging rights stand in the forefront. 

Three easy steps: What she should play first, what to play together, and how to disguise a game

thumb Image1So you want to spend your Saturday night like a ninja turtle, huh? You can imagine a box of pepperoni pizza stacked with extra cheese, and a greasy Xbox controller in your hand while playing Call of Duty until your eyes bleed.