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I wasn't always interested in politics. I voted for the first time when I was 18 because it was on the list of things you do when you turn 18: buy a drink at the bar, buy a pack of smokes (whether or not it's your habit), purchase a lottery ticket (whether or not you feel "lucky") and vote — even if you have no idea what’s going on. I did all of these things, including marking an ‘X’ next to a name that I had never heard before, nor cared to learn.

I'm not sure what started the political fire in my belly, but I do know it wasn’t until I was in my mid-20s. Since then, I’ve continually wanted to dive deeper and find out what it is that makes people decide on who to put their chicken-scratched 'X' beside on a ballot, especially in our digital world, where the electorate is bombarded with social media posts, videos, advertisements, articles and memes. But what is the best way for the electorate to sift through the nonsense to make a decision that they can be confident about?

We come out of high school understandably exhausted from the previous 12 years of a regimented schedule, assignments we don’t care about and topics we didn’t choose to learn. So, it’s equally understandable that voting, or politics in general, would be the last thing on our minds. But, as we enter the workforce, leaving the ease of adolescence, and into greater society, elections, policy and voting should become more important as the decisions we make as an individual end up affecting our community as a whole.

It’s 4 a.m. I don’t know the date. I barely remember where I am. Dried coffee and tea stain the inside of paper cups that are littered across a desk decorated with sheets of papers I vaguely recall receiving in class.

My eyes are droopy, my energy drained; the rest of my body feels as though I’ve been in a brawl and I was definitely not the winner. Yet, somehow, my fingers are still tapping away at the glowing keys attached to my computer, desperate to make coherent sentences appear.

I am a lot of things but a procrastinator, I am not. So why am I sitting in a pool of my own mess at this ungodly hour on a school night? The answer is quite simple: Group projects.

Travelling to new places and far off lands; it’s what I live for. Flying thousands of miles up in the clouds. Surviving out of a suitcase. Staying in hotel room after gorgeous hotel room.

The word two-spirit has had many meanings throughout generations: a spiritual healer, a leader. However, in modern days, it is seen through a more negative lens.